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Change is the only constant. Like it or not, our work, our businesses, and our lives are subject to the forces of continuous evolution. Rather than simply reacting to this inevitability, we shape our work and our world around it. We know that intentional change, backed by a sound strategy and a will to execute, unleashes a wealth of untapped potential. Don’t get us wrong — transformation is no cakewalk. While the rewards are plenty, the journey takes patience, commitment, and trust.

For the small business leader, we are the strategic partner who catalyzes their company’s transformation. Internally, we are a team of growth-minded humans who are excited by change and revel in finding solutions to new challenges.

We like to think big with other people who like to think big.


We believe in business as a force for good. Learn what being a B Corp means to us.

We believe in business as a force for good. Learn what being a B Corp means to us.

Our Values

Think Big

Real transformation starts with a bold vision and steadfast commitment to it. Our team approaches every challenge with the question, “What if?” We choose the potential to be great over the status quo, and thrive on realizing potential that is out of the ordinary. We trust in big vision and we are relentless in pursuing it.


Build to Last

Durable businesses operate on the principle of long-term resilience over immediate gains. Our decisions consider long time horizons, lasting relationships, and future potential. For our clients, that means building resilient solutions that stand the test of time.


Do the Right Thing

At the end of the day, it all boils down to integrity. Make a mistake? Own it and solve it. Realize there’s a better way? Change it. As Kinesians we are transparent, empathetic, and inclusive. We use our values to identify the right way forward and pursue it — even if it’s hard or disadvantageous.


Share the Good

We gladly share what we know or create. The Kinesis community fosters collaboration and the constant exchange of ideas. We create opportunities for inclusion and participation because we know that by sharing widely, we open the possibilities for even better ideas and outcomes.


We are a
human-centered business.

And when we say human, we mean the individual beyond the employee. Processes and systems are important, but ultimately humans are at the center of a successful business. A human-centered business is based on the notion that employees are complex adult humans. We strive to create an environment that enables them to reach their potential.


When humans work in an environment designed for them to thrive, they work together as a team whose interactions and relationships create ownership, innovation, and engagement. In a human-centered business, people come together to create value and experience belonging.


Are you one of us?

Do your friends describe you as humble, curious, and resourceful? Do change and ambiguity excite you? Are you looking for an environment where you can learn and work collaboratively?

Most importantly, are you passionate about small business and the power of transformation?

If so, you just might be a Kinesian.