Chief Growth Officer

(Client Marketing Director)

The Chief Growth Officer (CGO) is a marketing generalist – they understand marketing in a holistic way and know how to leverage tools and experts to accomplish strategic goals.

A client-facing role, the CGO helps Kinesis customers realize business growth through strategic planning and marketing execution. We’re looking for candidates with experience equivalent to an in-house Senior Marketing Manager (or above), or an agency Account Manager (or Director). The ideal candidate has worked both in-house (managing agency resources) and at an agency.

Right-fit employees for this role will have a deep understanding of marketing and how it fits within a larger business strategy. Your compelling, analytical approach makes it easy for clients to move forward in an informed, inspired direction. Motivating clients and fellow team members comes naturally to you – your leadership excites people to rally around your ideas and deliver great work.


Why Kinesis?

At Kinesis, you’ll experience a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a real difference in the lives of business owners and the Kinesis team. No bureaucracy, no politics; just great clients with big visions! And an amazing workplace filled with fun, dedicated people.

Our clients

Kinesis’ core clients have annual gross revenues between $2MM and $30MM in revenue. This means businesses with a well-developed product or service offering, but often very little in the way of marketing infrastructure. As a CGO for our clients, you will cultivate ideas and deliver strategic projects to help build a marketing system that promotes healthy, sustainable growth.

Is this you?

For the “A” player looking for something special and who can answer “yes” to the following questions, this is the opportunity for you:

  • Do you believe in the power of small businesses?
  • Can you effectively build plans and strategies that will thrive within real-world budgets?
  • Can you lead efficient and collaborative meetings with clients and internal teams?
  • Do you have a strong knowledge and understanding of marketing and sales strategies?
  • Are you a high performer who takes ownership of your results with clients, financials, and fellow team members?
  • Can you contribute to/operate in an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and cohesive team effort?
  • Do you enjoy a collaborative environment where you contribute top-notch ideas?
  • Do you have clear, concise, and effective writing skills with a high level of accuracy?
  • Are you looking to work at a growing firm that’s unlike any other?


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