You’re discerning.
And so are we.


We’ve found that a very specific type of client gets the most amount of value from Kinesis’ marketing approach. We look for an engaged leadership team who is interested in growth – both for their business and for themselves. You Think Big and you are Ready to Grow.

Sound good so far? Read on…

Here’s a description of a Kinesis client:

  • You are savvy and motivated.
  • You think strategically.
  • You’re interested in positioning your company as a leader in your industry and want to be known as remarkable.
  • You care deeply about your customer’s experience.
  • You want a vibrant internal culture that runs smoothly and attracts the top talent.
  • You desire predictable cash flow and are seeking sustainable approaches to improve your profitability.
  • You’d love a brand that people remember and a marketing system that runs on an ongoing basis to attract your ideal customer.
  • You appreciate the importance of tracking metrics and setting SMART goals.
  • You’ve read (or want to read) some of our favorite books: Good to Great, Built to Sell, E-Myth Revisited, Top Grading, Double Double, Drive, Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play, and Switch. 

Are we a great match? Then give us a call at 503-922-2289 or fill out our contact form.