By June 1, 2016

Team Kinesis Spotlight: Sarah Lazzaro

Name: Sarah Lazzaro
Title: Senior Strategist

At Kinesis, we believe people are the engine that powers our clients’ success. Which is why we’re thrilled to spotlight our Senior Strategist, Sarah Lazzaro – and the tremendous impact she’s making for our clients every day.

Sarah joined our team in August of last year, and brings more than 15 years of strategic marketing experience to her role at Kinesis. She has a knack for spotting business opportunity, a keen eye for design, and a passion for helping small businesses thrive. Whether she’s leading innovative digital strategy, transforming a client’s website, or creating a compelling brand story… Sarah works closely with business owners to develop actionable marketing strategies that get results.


You can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn here.

What is your role at Kinesis?
As a Senior Strategist, I help our clients translate business goals into meaningful marketing strategies and activities using our Marketing from the Inside Out approach. I am an advocate for our clients – I help to motivate and guide them to take their business to new heights!

Within Kinesis, I lead our internal team in finding innovative ideas that help to transform our clients’ brands.

How do you help Kinesis clients learn to Market from the Inside Out?

We always kick off our new client relationships with a full-day strategic planning session, where we take clients through the Marketing from the Inside Out philosophy. During this meeting, I assist the leadership team in developing their core Mission and Living, Breathing Values. We also set initiatives and goals that will move them forward toward realizing their Big Vision.

As we move forward with our work together, I support clients in leveraging their Mission and Values to transform their brand. One thing I especially enjoy is creating a plan that helps the client think more holistically about who they hire and how to shape their culture. People don’t always see the immediate connection between culture and company growth; however, this is the cornerstone of our work at Kinesis. Happy employees result in better-quality service, which ultimately translates into more profitable customers. And those satisfied customers become a megaphone to drive new business. We’ve seen the success of this model time and again.

Have you always been a big-picture thinker? Tell us more about that!

I’ve always had a knack for connecting dots that others don’t always see. While this is a bit of a silly example, I can remember as a kid being sent in to clean my room. My parents’ expectation was that I’d tidy things up, but after an hour or two into the project, my mom would come in to find that I had torn my room apart to rearrange it in a creative way.

Time and again, I would embark on rebuilding my room to the system that made the most sense at the time. While I know this drove my parents crazy, I was always seeing that there was another way to get the project done, and it could be done better.sarah-meeting

Tell us about a skillset that you’ve had to develop over the years to help you in your current position at Kinesis.

I’ve learned how to facilitate conversations and not drive them. One key aspect of the Senior Strategist role is being able to help the client find their own answers, while also ensuring that they choose a course that will work well for their organization. There are times where you want to jump in and answer for a person, but the results are always stronger (and more meaningful) if they can come to the answer on their own.

What’s been your most memorable Kinesis project so far?

I’ve been lucky to work on a few great projects in my first year at Kinesis. One of the best was an opportunity to transform one of our clients, Inspired Results, from three companies that merged into one. They came to us needing a new brand – a website, logo, and lots of marketing materials.

After building a strong partnership, Kinesis was able to cultivate an impressive new brand story that’s unlike any of Inspired Results’ competitors. Together, we’ve shaped them into a true “purple cow” for their industry, and are now totally poised for growth! They’ve been an amazing partner, allowing us to push the boundaries and explore a brand story and brand expression that’s unlike anything Kinesis has built to date.


The word is you went on a Manta Ray night dive during our Kinesis retreat in Hawaii. What is that and how was it?

The manta night dive was a truly stunning experience! It’s been on my diving bucket list since I got certified about 10 years ago. I’ve always been an ocean lover – I spent my summers at the beach, often getting pummeled by waves, but loving every minute of it. Diving allows me to be connected with the ocean in a way that you can’t get through any other activity.

Mantas are one of the larger pelagic species in our ocean, and they have started a ritual off the coast of Kona where they come in to feed on plankton in a cove lit by scuba divers. The scene is incredible! One of my dive buddies (John Tierney) described it as an underwater amphitheater. And my other dive buddy (my husband, Jay) described the mantas as watching an underwater ballet. The mantas range between 12 – 14 feet in wingspan, and they dive and roll gracefully through the lights, skimming just over your heads, barely missing you as the drift by.


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