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Talent Engine: The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining the Best of the Best

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In appreciation of your time, we’ve also assembled some of our top resources around how to leverage marketing as a talent engine and build a better workplace.

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The Candidate’s Journey

ThumbnailMarketing is as much about attracting great employees as it is great customers. Understanding the Candidate’s Journey will allow you effectively market to your internal customers (employees) and future hires.

This free PDF will help you learn how to connect the dots between marketing, culture, and performance.

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reitmeier-logoReitmeier Case Study

A Tualatin-based commercial HVAC contractor, Reitmeier has experienced the challenges of a shrinking talent pool firsthand. Since 2012, the company has been reimagined by Reitmeier President Jeff Nusz – resulting in not only winning the war on talent, but also a 96% employee retention rate. Read more of the Reitmeier story, and how marketing can fuel your recruitment engine. Read the case study »



Additional Resources

Establish Brand Foundations

Write a Mission StatementHow to Write a Powerful Mission Statement

A well-crafted mission statement can take your business to the next level. Here’s how to write a powerful mission statement for your company.



values-featured-part2bHow to Create Remarkable Core Values

Learn how to write remarkable company values for less employee turnover, higher customer retention and greater profitability.



core-purpose-hero-featureHow to Craft Your Company Vision

Identifying a clear vision for your company guides strategy, aligns decisions, and brings purpose and focus to your employees.



overcommunication-featPutting Your Brand Foundations to Work

Many understand the importance of a clear company mission, vision, and core values – but few know how to make them an integral part of their internal culture.




Build a Great Workplace

marketing-hr-featHow to Attract More of the Right Employees

Engaged, motivated employees drastically boost profitability, improve team performance, deliver top-notch customer service, and uphold your company’s brand.



hire-new-talent-180x180How to Nurture and Retain A-Players

Developing a thoughtful, consistent talent management process can dramatically increase the odds that your team abounds with brilliant, high-performing A-players.



bad-apples-feature-imageThe High Cost of a Bad Apple

Problem employees can have severely harmful effects on your business. Learn about the true cost of keeping a bad apple on board.




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