Internet marketing = limitless opportunities

Kinesis is focused on helping companies establish and grow their online presence. And the Internet is daunting because it’s in constant flux. It’s growing broader, wider, deeper.  That’s exactly what we love about it. We live and breathe this stuff every single day. The online world offers amazing opportunities. And we will help you navigate the waters.

We’re your online power team

Based in Portland, Oregon, Kinesis has online branding experts, programming geeks, social media mavens, and design virtuosos who all work together in perfect harmony to grow visibility for your online brand. Our ultimate goal is to drive qualified traffic to your Web site, capture leads, and make sales.

Our expertise covers everything from strategic planning to campaign execution. We’ll work with your company, your budget, your time line, and your objectives to create the best solution for your specific marketing goals. Our team will develop the most effective online channels to get your brand in front of the right audience.

There are many different ways to achieve this including:

We have many years of Internet marketing experience and we know what works. Now is the time to leverage your online presence.

Let’s get started! We’d love to talk with you about Internet marketing. Call us at 503-922-2289.