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By August 14, 2012

Marketing is Broken (video)

Back in 1999, when I worked at an ad agency, there was a new kid on the block. Some called her the “World Wide Web,” while others simply referred to her as “The Internet.” Either way, it looked like this gal would be the next big thing.

Of course the folks I worked for didn’t see it that way. This was an Ad Agency after all, and their job was to, well, sell ads. And, the model worked – “marketing” (as they knew it) was simple: pitch a clever concept, create an ad, and blast consumers with your message. Easy as pie.

The New Landscape of Marketing

What the ad agencies failed to grasp was that the marketing landscape was about to undergo a seismic change. The Internet would bring about a revolution in how businesses sold services and how customers interacted with brands. For the small business owner, it meant a way to access customers that was far less expensive than ever before. The promise of the Internet meant great ideas could succeed, even without massive advertising budgets.

Of course there was a tradeoff to this new egalitarian marketing landscape. While businesses could have unprecedented access to customers, the complexity of marketing was increasing exponentially. It was no longer sufficient to define your marketing “strategy” by which newspaper you advertised in. In the new paradigm, businesses would have to worry about social media, pay per click, partner marketing, Google Reviews…on and on and on. Layer upon layer of complexity meant that old systems simply no longer worked for owners. In short, marketing was broken.

Problems and Solutions

To help explain this challenge, we put together a short video that illustrates why marketing is such a challenge for small- to mid-sized businesses. At the end, we’ve included a link to a page which shows our solution to this problem. As a bonus, the page highlights 3 proven growth strategies that small- and mid-sized businesses can use to generate growth and significantly more profits. Enjoy!

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Kinesis CEO Shawn Busse has an incredible knack for finding opportunities in your business and turning them into new streams of revenue. No one does a better job with launching brands, making a splash, and monetizing marketing efforts. Over the years, Shawn has led numerous transformational business efforts; his fundamental approach to doing business is summed up in two words: win-win.

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