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Small businesses like yours have a wealth of untapped potential. But perhaps you’ve hit a plateau, or need help propelling the company to the next phase of its evolution. Kinesis catapults businesses from good to great, and from great to remarkable.

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Our clients are purpose-driven visionaries

While they span a number of industry verticals, they share a few things in common: the belief in the power of small business to make a meaningful impact in the world, and the knowledge that their organization is capable of more. We work with them to close that gap.

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We help build and scale remarkable businesses

Our process begins with a comprehensive diagnostic of your business. We’ll extract what’s already working well in your organization and where attention is needed. Then together, we transform your organization from the inside out.

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Do Core Values Matter?

In this 21 Hats podcast episode, Shawn Busse, Paul Downs, and Sarah Segal discuss the importance of core values when it comes to recruiting employees and aligning with prospective clients.

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