Senior Copywriter

We are not currently hiring, but we are accepting resumes and may contact you if we are hiring for this position in the future.

Letter from Kinesis CEO, Shawn Busse:

“I am looking for a Senior Copywriter who is not afraid to take the ball and run with it. We need a writer who knows how to ask the right questions, can bring big ideas to the table, and can hammer out killer content that elevates the brand beyond the every day. If you can write snappy headlines and body copy that sings…we want to talk to you.

Working with Kinesis is an exceptional opportunity, but it’s not for everyone – we aren’t working for the Nikes and Adidas’ of the world; our clients are the “real world” small businesses that need great marketing and design to grow. We don’t have 50-page brand dossiers or ego-driven art directors…we’re no-nonsense folks looking for a partner that can help us grow our clients’ businesses.

As a small agency, we expect that our partners can get up and running fairly quickly. An ideal copywriter would lead the process with minimal direction, while adhering to schedule and budget. This is currently a full-time position; we will, however, consider exceptional applicants who are limited to part-time work.”

It all points to one big question: Can you inspire?”

For the “A” player looking for something special and who can answer “yes” to the following questions, this is the opportunity for you:


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