Junior Designer

We are not currently hiring, but we are accepting resumes and may contact you if we are hiring for this position in the future.

Letter from Kinesis CEO, Shawn Busse:

“I am looking for aspiring design professional who can effectively demonstrate their understanding of composition, color, and type. This person believes in the transformative power of design, and is looking to hone their talents under the tutelage of a seasoned team of pros. The candidate has an inherent sense of design and has spent much of their childhood drawing, scribbling, and generally making beauty.

Working for Kinesis is an exceptional opportunity, but it’s not for everyone – we aren’t designing for the Nikes and Adidas’ of the world; our clients are the “real world” businesses that need great marketing and design to grow.

On a day-to-day basis, I expect the junior design position to be an indispensible collaborator with our senior designers. Our ideal candidate strives to be the “key lieutenant” for their mentors.

Long term, this position presents several opportunities for leadership and growth. Ultimately, our objective is to mentor each and every junior position to manage clients, projects, and other team members.”

For the “A” player looking for something special and who can answer “yes” to the follow questions, this is the opportunity for you:

  • Do you enjoy working in a collaborative environment where you’re expected to contribute top-notch ideas?
  • Do you have a track-record of success working in a nimble yet effective way?
  • Do you have clear, concise, and effective writing skills?
  • Can you gracefully handle rejection by clients or other team members?
  • Can you fluidly move from creating designs to writing emails to collaborating with team members?
  • Are you looking to work at a firm that’s unlike any other?


If you think this is for you, please use the following form to apply.

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