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By December 4, 2009

The Social Media Revolution

Big Props to my business partner, Wendy Maynard, for a fantastic Social Media Bootcamp. Thanks to all the great attendees who made for a sold-out crowd! As a quick follow-up to the event, I’m posting a copy of Wendy’s presentation (PDF Slidesare) and the video “Social Media Revolution” – a fantastic overview of what’s going […]

By October 15, 2009

Social Media Marketing for Business

It’s time to rethink your marketing strategy to include social media as part of your toolkit. Because the rules have changed – a LOT. Let’s go back…oh, let’s say about 5 years or so. And in this not-so-distant past, a company could simply call the newspaper or the radio and just run a few ads […]

By August 6, 2009

10 Surprising Ways that Twitter Has Helped My Business…and Ideas On How it Can Help Yours Too

More and more companies are using social media. And there is only one reason – because it works. According to a recent article in Portland’s Business Journal, Increasingly, businesses are using Twitter, Facebook and other online tools to build brand awareness, cultivate customer loyalty and sell products. Eighty-five percent of all U.S. consumers will read […]