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By August 14, 2013

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business: How to Create a Network for Growth

LinkedIn is about more than creating an online professional or business presence. It’s about connecting. And with more than 200 million members and counting on the social media network, the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals has never been more available. Many professionals and business owners know that LinkedIn is a valuable resource, but not […]

Five Steps to Improving Your Company Page
By June 5, 2013

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business: Five Steps to Improving Your LinkedIn Company Page

Note: Make sure you also read our post on How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile. Last year, a study found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at lead generation than both Facebook and Twitter. No wonder it was recently voted the most important social network for B2B marketers! What does this mean for you and […]

By May 22, 2013

Leveraging LinkedIn for Business: How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Note: Make sure you also read our post on How to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page. LinkedIn is a big name in the business world – and for good reason. The world’s fastest growing network hit 200 million members in early 2013 and is growing at the rate of two new members per second! But […]

By July 13, 2011

How Professional Service Firms Should Use Facebook Fan Pages

A few months ago, I wrote a post about the reasons professional services firms should leverage Facebook business pages. At Kinesis, we specialize in working with professional services firms and help them to grow their revenue through more effective marketing and branding strategies. I’ll be the first to admit that Facebook is a more challenging […]

By March 25, 2011

Why Companies Should Create a Winning Facebook Business Page

How Growing Your Facebook Page Can Help Grow your Business Every day, we work with business leaders who want to drive more leads to their website. And, while I am advocate of social media, I have to say it’s much harder to see the return on your investment of time and energy on Facebook, Twitter, […]

By May 12, 2010

Social Media for Accountants: Presenting to the NSAC

Social media is for teenages and musicians, right? Wrong! Facebook recently topped 400 million users, with over half of them logged in each day. See how groups like the National Association of Accountants for Cooperatives are looking to leverage this powerful tool.

By January 4, 2010

Want to Know the ROI of Social Media?

Kinesis clients are asking the big questions: “What is the ROI of Social Media? and “How do I measure the ROI of social media?” And these are great questions that companies should be asking. Unfortunately, there is no one answer. While we can certainly obtain some metrics through tools like Twitter Search and Google Analytics, […]

By December 21, 2009

Marketing to Seniors and Baby Boomers? Use Internet Marketing and Social Media to Reach Them!

There are some companies that target seniors and Baby Boomers, but are still resisting an interactive online presence and participating in social media. They may think, “Well my clients are mostly over 60 so they’re not very tech savvy.” Or, “Social media is for kids. My clients are older – they don’t use that stuff.” […]