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By February 12, 2009

How a Blog Can Build Your Business

Are you missing out on the power of a blog? A blog (which stands for web log) is a marketing tool that can further position your company as the expert in your industry. Your prospects and clients want information about your products and services. They are hungry for it! And a blog gives you the […]

By February 4, 2009

How to Create a Website that Sells

Creating a successful online presence eludes many professional service firms. Sadly, these companies are losing time, money, and customers with their company websites. If they’re fortunate, many organizations wind up with an online brochure. But, some end up with much worse. I have reviewed many websites that make me a bit queasy. These firms offer […]

By January 21, 2009

How to Write Blog Posts and Ezine Articles: 8 Creative Tips

Do you ever sit down to write your next ezine article or blog post and find yourself utterly and completely stumped? You have plenty of expertise in your field. And, you can always find things to say to your clients in person. But there is something about sitting down to create new content that can […]