Posts about Best Practices

By May 21, 2020

Layoffs Come Last

Tune in for the next installment of our Think Big video series. As a downturn becomes a greater certainty, we discuss the elephant in the room: company layoffs.

By January 15, 2020

Signals and Noise (Guest-Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger)

In sitting down to write this month’s blog post, I stumbled upon a fundamental barrier to success, in writing and in business: distraction.

By October 17, 2019

The Curse of the Trailblazer

The curse of the trailblazer is that you have to keep trailblazing. Learn how to maintain an innovative spirit in your business.

By September 17, 2019

Courage and a Cup of Margin: A Case for Remarkability

Your Proprietary Way is the unique way you provide your services to clients – here’s why you need one.

By August 21, 2019

Why a Makino isn’t enough

Stop competing on price! Learn how to combat commoditization – exemplified by the Makino’s effect on the manufacturing industry.

By July 25, 2019

Why a best-kept secret isn’t as delicious as it sounds

It’s time to take your organization from the best-kept secret to the next big thing. Find out how!

By June 20, 2019

Meet Fluffy, Your 800-Pound Gorilla

Having a large customer the size of an 800-pound gorilla drives rapid revenue growth, but it also carries hidden dangers for your business.
Learn how to tame it.

By May 16, 2019

Bats Aren’t Blind, and Other Business Myths

The world is filled with preconceived notions – many of which are incorrect, but so entrenched in our collective psyche that we’ve never questioned them. Learn what misconceptions could be guiding your business decision-making.