How can we unify a human-centric experience across 80 locations?”

The self-storage industry is often commoditized – with focus placed exclusively on boxes. Facing systemic employee performance challenges, Northwest Self Storage wanted to shift that focus to their most important asset: people. They sought a company identity which would attract A-Players, engage their current team, and remain consistent across their 80+ properties.

Tackling an industry-wide challenge

The self-storage industry has been transitioning to a retail and sales focus, making customer interactions and reviews crucial to business viability. Northwest Self Storage’s initial concerns were customer reviews and making sure that their team was properly trained on the right process and tools for customer acquisition, sales, and retention.

The company was also facing more systemic employee performance challenges; it felt crucial to develop their mission, vision, and values in order to guide employee coaching, training, and engagement/motivation.

“Kinesis is experienced in helping companies to develop their mission, vision, and values. Also, they are not a traditional agency; they are a strategic consultant. Kinesis truly took the time to get to know us; not simply develop a canned approach for our challenges.”

Dawn Tangvald
PRESIDENT, northwest self storage

Create a brand and culture for the team to rally around

Kinesis worked with Northwest Self Storage to reenergize the brand with a new mission, values, and vision. We developed tools to empower their team – including a new employee handbook, training programs, and internal communications. The result has been an engaged company culture delivering on a remarkable and consistent brand promise.

“Kinesis is a strategy consultant – not just an agency or project house. You are hiring someone to be on your team, but you get the resources of a group. They are great at excavating what is already there, identifying who you are, and putting it into writing.”

Nate Schwalbach
VP of Operations, northwest self storage