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Logo and Identity design


A great professional services logo should work on more than one level. At its most basic level, a logo is a visual proxy for a firm —an instantly recognizable signature designed to differentiate a firm from key competitors. A logo can convey credibility, attitude or underlying values. And of course, a good logo has to look great and engage its target audience.

Your logo can influence perceptions, aid recall and differentiate your company. Design’s power to impress and engage any audience is under-appreciated. This gives you a powerful opportunity to set your company apart and convey the credibility your firm needs to thrive.

Logo Design and Development Process

Kinesis has a logo development process that begins by doing the due-diligence research and a brandscape analysis. Our design team then explores form, typography and color. Throughout the process, we include you as an active participant, influencing the course of our creative journey.

Contact our Portland graphic design team to create a logo design and visual identity worthy of anchoring a world-class brand.