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By December 4, 2009

The Social Media Revolution

Big Props to my business partner, Wendy Maynard, for a fantastic Social Media Bootcamp. Thanks to all the great attendees who made for a sold-out crowd! As a quick follow-up to the event, I’m posting a copy of Wendy’s presentation (PDF Slidesare) and the video “Social Media Revolution” – a fantastic overview of what’s going […]

By October 15, 2009

Social Media Marketing for Business

It’s time to rethink your marketing strategy to include social media as part of your toolkit. Because the rules have changed – a LOT. Let’s go back…oh, let’s say about 5 years or so. And in this not-so-distant past, a company could simply call the newspaper or the radio and just run a few ads […]

By August 27, 2009

Making the Sale: Design a Web Site that Adds Incredible Value

When people are searching the Internet, they often get into a clicking frenzy. This is important to remember in web design and also in website copywriting. If you don’t capture their attention and tell them exactly what you want them to do, then – CLICK – and they are on to the next website. Your […]

By August 6, 2009

10 Surprising Ways that Twitter Has Helped My Business…and Ideas On How it Can Help Yours Too

More and more companies are using social media. And there is only one reason – because it works. According to a recent article in Portland’s Business Journal, Increasingly, businesses are using Twitter, Facebook and other online tools to build brand awareness, cultivate customer loyalty and sell products. Eighty-five percent of all U.S. consumers will read […]

By June 10, 2009

Delap Logo a Big Winner!

We’re pleased to announce the most recent success of one of our longstanding Portland clients, Delap. Last week, the Association of Accounting Marketing (AAM) selected the Delap logo as the winner of the “Best Logo Design” category. Each year the AAM recognizes accounting firms and marketers for their outstanding contributions to the profession. A panel […]

By May 22, 2009

Marketing for Accountants – Websites are Crucial for Recruiting Top Talent

Kinesis has many clients who are in the financial industry. Recently, a client sent me an article that appeared in the Journal of Accountancy. The article discusses the importance of websites for accounting firms. Many accounting firms are revamping their marketing efforts and redesigning their websites because they want to attract and retain clients. But […]

By April 23, 2009

The Story of Comic Sans – How to Choose a Font

Comic Sans: the typeface that designers love to hate. So what’s the story behind this pervasive font? Why exactly do so many people love it, while others hate it? I came across a student-filmed documentary that asked the same question. Comic Sans Documentary Digging a little deeper, I found out that it all started with […]

By March 18, 2009

Photography Pays for Itself

Over the years I’ve observed that one of the most critical elements in design is effective photography. When I say “effective,” I’m actually referring to several aspects such as: The photo conveys a sense of competence and professionalism The photo conveys the right tone for the business The photo feels unique/individual For today’s post, I’m […]

By March 5, 2009

Tropicana’s Design Troubles

I love orange juice. In fact, nothing beats a tall glass of cold OJ with breakfast. So, you can imagine my interest when I learned that Tropicana had engaged a high-end design firm to redesign its line of juice products. What’s even more interesting is that I’ve since learned that they’ve decide to go back […]

By February 12, 2009

How a Blog Can Build Your Business

Are you missing out on the power of a blog? A blog (which stands for web log) is a marketing tool that can further position your company as the expert in your industry. Your prospects and clients want information about your products and services. They are hungry for it! And a blog gives you the […]