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By July 16, 2013

Build a Deep Moat for Business Success

Create your business differentiation I’ve spent countless hours telling any business leader who would listen that the only meaningful differentiation that a company has comes from within. Bear with me for a moment and I’ll explain. Company leaders spend time, energy, and money – lots of money – in search of the right product, service, […]

By July 3, 2013

The Truth About B2B Web Design and Why You Should Invest in It

How much time does a prospect spend on your B2B website? You know the saying: “Never judge a book by its cover”? It may be a strong life philosophy, but it’s not an accurate description of online user behavior. The truth is that snap judgments are a fact of life. And they have huge implications […]

By September 26, 2012

How Can I Improve My Company’s Lead Conversion?

A frequent question in business is this: “Is our marketing resulting in quality leads?” One of the largest hurdles for marketing to overcome in a business is how to best understand and target leads. Ultimately, the goal of marketing for your company should be to attract highly qualified leads that convert to customers. E-Myth has […]

Marketing is Broken
By August 14, 2012

Marketing is Broken (video)

Back in 1999, when I worked at an ad agency, there was a new kid on the block. Some called her the “World Wide Web,” while others simply referred to her as “The Internet.” Either way, it looked like this gal would be the next big thing. Of course the folks I worked for didn’t […]

By July 25, 2012

Making the Most from Mistakes

Success is 99% failure. – Soichiro Honda, Founder, Honda Motor Corp. As some of our readers know, Kinesis recently had the good fortune to be awarded as one of  Portland’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies. I’m extremely proud of our team, and humbled by the accomplishment. Interestingly, while this milestone is about “success,” I’m […]

By June 20, 2012

Small Business, Big Marketing: Hammer and Hand Interview

At Kinesis, we love a great story. Especially when it involves local entrepreneurs who defy the odds. People who know me know that I’m passionate about great design, architecture, and green building; I’m always on the lookout for outstanding Portland firms. While there are many exceptional artisans, few combine their craft with savvy marketing like […]

By June 6, 2012

Outsourced Marketing, Part 3: Should I hire?

The following post is the third in our series on “Outsourced Marketing.” In Part 1, The Market we looked at the marketing landscape for businesses that need help with marketing. In Part 2, we provided a framework for selecting the right-fit marketing professional. In the final installment, we deliver a guide for evaluating when it […]

By May 16, 2012

Outsourced Marketing, Part 2: Find the Right Fit

The following post is the second in our series on “Outsourced Marketing.” In Part 1, The Market we looked at the marketing landscape for businesses that need help with marketing. In Part 2, we provide a framework for selecting the right-fit marketing professional. Outsourcing: A Buyer’s Guide Now that you know the options in the […]

By May 9, 2012

Outsourced Marketing, Part 1: The Market

As businesses begin to recover from the recession, many are using this time to ask hard questions about exactly how they run their organization. For better or worse, the downturn forced many owners to downsize their internal teams and restructure which roles would be handled by employees and what duties could be outsourced. In this […]

By April 25, 2012

It’s Time to Rebuild

The Portland American Marketing Association has officially kicked off a monthly column for the Daily Journal of Commerce, a local publication focused on the Portland building and construction market. I was fortunate to be the first column contributor, and was asked to discuss how companies can start rebuilding their marketing capacity, as many companies are […]