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By August 19, 2009

Online Marketing: Employers Using Social Media to Screen and Recruit

Using Social Media to Hire Top Talent I want to highlight a very important issue for the future of a company – hiring the brightest talent. Positioning your company to recruit the best new hires is a crucial aspect of your marketing. In fact, many businesses are creating sections of their websites or entirely separate […]

By June 24, 2009

Kinesis Strategy Hits it out of the Park: 700% ROI!

I’m very excited today! We’re in the final phases of a test marketing campaign for our long time client, Amfit. The results are nothing short of phenomenal. Despite the tough economy, Amfit took the bold step and launched a new product in a new market. While it seemed like a risky move, Kinesis’ marketing analysis […]

By February 27, 2009

Merlin Mann on Productivity: How to Achieve Inbox Zero

This post is dedicated to my business partner, Shawn Busse. Shawn embraces the Inbox Zero principle. I, on the other hand, cling to my e-mails “in some weird buddhist way” as Merlin Mann puts it.Can’t help it. I’m a reforming packrat. Reform is sloooow. Merlin says, “Once you’ve mined the gold out of your e-mail, […]