Ordinary people. Extraordinary creativity.

In January of 2000, Marketer & Business Strategist Wendy Maynard combined forces with Artist & Designer Shawn Busse. They shared a vision of quality, creativity, color, and words. From their combined entrepreneurial acumen and determination, Kinesis was born.

Kinesis took off. More talent joined us. More clients signed on. And today our ongoing goal continues to be the same: helping our clients to achieve powerful results and priceless brand loyalty.

Our Values and Philosophy:

  1. Kinesis constantly strives not merely to meet, but to exceed, the expectations of our clients.
  2. We encourage innovation, new ideas, and novel approaches.
  3. Kinesis recommends action plans based on sound marketing practices and design principles.
  4. Our team creates customized solutions that work for the client’s particular situation, goals, and objectives.
  5. Kinesis provides high-quality services that are creative, targeted, response-driven, and measurable.
  6. We save you time. We save you money. We save you headaches. And most importantly – we get you results.

We’d love to talk with you about your marketing goals. Call us at 503-922-2289 or e-mail us.